Plants in interior design: bring your home to life

Plants in interior design: bring your home to life
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Plants are a key element for any type of interior, from a free-spirited boho-chic vibe to a minimalistic approach, they cannot be missed! Plants and florals are great for that splash of color that brings the entire space to life adding organic shapes and texture to the overall composition.

They can help brighten up the space and create a cozier environment and personally, I find them a happy addition to the overall design.

Large plants can be used in open plan and minimalistic spaces, becoming the heroes of the composition, while smaller plants can be used to fill up the little corners of the house, on bookshelves, kitchens, bathrooms, coffee tables, and many more. These last are usually very low maintenance and can be placed anywhere you see fit.


If you aren't a green thumb, don't fret! Cacti are a beautiful, low-maintenance solution to add that tropical touch to your interiors!

Interior plant decoration provides a pleasant and relaxed ambiance, while also improving the quality of life. Let's see how our lovely green friends can help us to feel better:

• Reduce stress and anxiety - they create a relaxing atmosphere and they'll help you feel calmer, and happier while also relieving tension.

• Increase well-being - taking care of plants can be therapeutic, helping to not feel alone and generally improve emotional health.

• Improve air quality - plants naturally filter air, creating a better environment and helping to reduce humidity, bacteria, and dust. That's why some plants are great to fight colds and seasonal allergies.

• Pleasing to the eye - plants, and flowers are generally pretty to look at. That's why they are found in a great variety of interiors. They add that touch of color and personality to the home, creating an exceptional atmosphere that is, once again, at the benefit of those who live in the space and those who visit.

In conclusion, plants are life, and the color green has a calming effect and, lots of positive emotions like security, peace, and harmony are associated with it. Take an afternoon off to explore your local florist and plant shops, get lost in that green lush and some of the popping colors, and get yourself some natural life companions.